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Remember the first time you saw a horror movie and one of the would-be victims walked right into the arms of the villain? Did you shout at the screen “Don’t do it! Don’t open the door?” And then of course, the victim opened the door and well you know the rest of the story… It seemed like the victims were sabotaging themselves, instead of finding a solution they just gave up. The very same thing happens at work when your productivity drops; instead of finding the reason for it and fixing it you just roll over.


Well, I want to share with you your very own superpower so you don’t have to fall victim to self-sabotage.


If you’ve been with me for any time now, you know that Proclivities: Science of Connection changes the game in voluntary turnover. But have you ever thought about what it could do for your own productivity? Connection is an instinct and communication is a learned behavior how you connect in your work environment directly correlates to how productive you are.  

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If I were to buy a Powerball ticket my chances of winning are like a million to one, but if I were to bet that you as a reader wished you made more money my chances would be eight to one.

I can’t promise you that after reading this you’ll make more money, but I can promise you that if you use some of the techniques I share with you, you’ll connect better with people, build stronger relationships and remember, your network is your net worth.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you already know Proclivities: Science of Connection completely changes the game in voluntary turnover. But have you ever thought about what it could do for your sales?

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Life is what you think it is.

How you think and what you do determines your level of wealth, success, and happiness that you achieve. Life should come with a handbook, since it doesn’t here are the 50 life lessons you must know!

  1. I have learned in life that being first doesn’t always mean you win.
  2. I have learned in life that you combat fear with faith
  3. I have learned in life that faith doesn’t always mean God
  4. I have learned in life that making a dent in the universe is possible
  5. I have learned that my parents were right
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Leaders aren’t born. Leaders are made when no one else leads.

Women can’t help but be better leaders. Evolution dictates it. Scientists now believe that in prehistoric time we hunted along side our men, we also had the babies so we ‘got to’ stay behind and take care of camp.

Where women pulled ahead of men in the leadership realm was back at camp.

If the men chased a large bear into a dark forest, they could later make a decision not to chase the scary bear and pick a different forest and a different prey.

Women were not given that option.
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It’s almost the 3RD month of the 1ST quarter of the 15TH year of the 21ST century and you don’t have any of your goals completed! Your New Year’s resolutions are in a stack under the pile of papers you promised yourself you’d get to last year and that bikini you bought for spring break sits in your closet taunting you. What do you do when all the traction you thought you had is grinding to a halt that didn’t screech because it wasn’t moving fast enough to in the first place?
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