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Life is what you think it is. How you think and what you do determines your level of wealth, success, and happiness that you achieve. Life should come with a handbook, since it doesn’t here are the 50 life lessons you must know! I have learned in life that being first doesn’t always mean you win. […]

In today’s fast paced world it seems like everyone is trying to get somewhere yet some don’t     know where that place is. Are you one of the latter? Do you feel like you are stuck on the treadmill of life and just not going anywhere?  

It’s almost the 3RD month of the 1ST quarter of the 15TH year of the 21ST century and you don’t have any of your goals completed! Your New Year’s resolutions are in a stack under the pile of papers you promised yourself you’d get to last year and that bikini you bought for spring break […]

Steve Gilliland’s book Enjoy the Ride was the topic of yesterday’s podcast and his quote this morning is running around in my head: “If tomorrow never comes will you be happy with the way today ended?” Last night I had dinner with a girlfriend and she is having her own journey of awakening and stress and […]

What would you do to live your dream? What would you sacrifice? What would you give up? Would you give up time with your family? Would you give up money? Would you travel by trains, planes and automobiles to learn? As I sit here in a coffee shop in New York City, that’s exactly what […]

Imagine you are sitting in a large room with all the people in the world today. In front of you is a large carboard box that is taped on all sides so you can’t see in. Seated next to you is your neighbor, next to her is your mother, next to your mom is Kevin […]