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Have you become lazy in your life? Tune In to Today's PROcast and learn some tips on how to achieve excellence through EFFORT. #seanlai #seanlaic #proclivities #visual #audible #verbal #physical #LIST #howyoushowup #podcast #communication #leadership #procast

Are YOU a priority for you? Are you a PRIORITY for your family? If not, why not? Do you fail well? Are you fearless? In today's PROcast we talk about making ourselves and failure a priority!

How much time are you spending learning? What have you learned new lately? Are you actively seeking knowledge or just going through the motions of life? In today's PROcast, we discuss these questions and more!

Let's Talk About Sex!! How do you innovate in the bedroom? Are you part of the "Swinging Lifestyle" movement? In today's PROcast, we talk about Swinging, Adultery, and Friends with Benefits! Innovative Sex! Everybody's doing it!