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Clients Can't Stop Talking About The Retention Experts!


Robert Bradford - Center for Simplified Strategic Planning

“Seanlai is brilliantly insightful about both success and people.”

Robert Bradford, Center for Simplified Strategic Planning
Rafael Pomales, MHS PA-C, M Medical Clinic

“It’s been a few weeks since Seanlai’s workshop and I started using the tools the following morning. It sounds crazy, but my patients are complying way more than they ever did before! I know it’s because of the techniques I learned that day! I taught my MA some of the techniques so she can use them when she’s with our patients too.”

Rafael Pomales, MHS PA-C, M Medical Clinic
Shelly Henry- CRO, Neurolumen

“[Seanlai] rocked us to the core! We left the event energized, and evaluating our beliefs and behaviors of today with strategies for tomorrow.”

Shelly Henry, CRO, Neurolumen

“I have only just learned the basics of Proclivities at a very high level and my husband hasn’t even taken the assessment yet. I am out of town this week and I spoke with him on the phone yesterday and I can’t explain what happened but he told me more about what’s going on in his head and in his professional world in that 30 minute conversation than he’s told me in the past 6 months. For the first time, I finally understand some of the challenges he faces and I was humbled by the level of connection I felt to him. It was empowering to see things from his perspective. If my small introduction to this technology can in one conversation transform the communication of my 10 year marriage, imagine what it will do when I learn more.

Ann Zuccardy, AZ Communications

I have already put into action all the wonderful pointers and methods you  shared with me. I started as soon as I got home last night and this morning when communicating with my hubby!! Much thanks, you are spectacular!! #itworks”

Maria Hendrickson

“Seanlai went above and beyond for our attendees. Not only did she take the time to film a couple of marketing videos, but she never uses PowerPoint and when she heard that our members expected slides, she delivered!

I’m still hearing from attendees about how much her message resonated on both a professional and personal level.

Taryn Brice Rowland, National Association of Truck Stop Operators

I’ll very boldly say that she has been a serious Godsend over the last couple of months. She has been coaching me. Having been disabled over the last nine years with loss of executive function to varying degrees over the last six, I really needed someone to help get my brain back in working order. My physical health and brain capacity had recently returned, but I was stuck in my headspace a lot, and it appeared I was trapped in habits taken on over years of malfunction. Seanlai was seriously just what the Big Doctor ordered. Since she started coaching me, I have been writing a book, gotten on track with new business ventures, and grown relationally and emotionally. Seanlai, you are the best, and everyone should know it. I thank God for bringing you into my life at the perfect time.

Mary Reitz
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